Academia of Head and Neck Oncology of Karnataka

Academia of Head and Neck Oncology of Karnataka (AHNOK) is a membership based professional organizations of Head and Neck Oncologists. Head and Neck related cancers are ranked one among the common cancers in India with an increasing incidence rate. The key work areas of AHNOK are:

  1. Preventive Health: (a) Assisting the State Anti-Tobacco Cell and Cancer Control committee in coordination with medical fraternity to take progressive steps in cancer prevention and tobacco control, (b) to work public health experts and develop integrated strategies for preventive health programs,
  2. Academics: (a) to further the skills and knowledge in the areas of Surgery (including Robotics and reconstruction), radiation and medical oncology, (b) AHNOK also promotes academic programs focused on HNC within the ENT and General Surgery Departments in medical colleges especially for and post graduate students.
  3. Research:(a) AHNOK is working with scientists from the basic sciences, genetics, and molecular biology to foster cellular therapies for detection and treatments of HNC.
  4. Standards: (a) to benchmark and strengthen focus on rehabilitation work for HN oncology patients, including dental, speech & swallow, psycho-oncology, physiotherapy, pain management and nutrition, (b) developing guidelines for Palliative Care.
  5. Service: AHNOK’s provides assistance to “Patient support groups”

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