Aims and Objectives

  1. Preventive Oncology To work and assist the State Anti-Tobacco Cell and Cancer Control committee in coordination with other branches in medical fraternity to take progressive steps in cancer prevention and tobacco control. To connect with public health experts and develop integrated strategies to integrate preventive health programs.
  2. Treatment The core groups of Surgery (including Robotics), radiation and medical oncology and reconstructive teams together will work towards defining thrust areas for focus and planning for meetings, including themes. Creating a comprehensive database of integrated post graduates and consultant surgeons to foster cross collaboration and progress of HN oncology in medical colleges across Karnataka and into districts. Sharing updates guidelines and global best practices to support clinical work.
  3. Rehabilitation To set up benchmark and strengthen focus on Rehabilitation work in HN oncology for patient care using Dept’s of Dental, Speech & Swallow, Psycho oncology, Physiotherapy, integrated oncology and pain, nutrition.
  4. Basic Sciences: To create an integrated & collaborative approach in working towards understanding basic sciences, Genetics and molecular Biology including cellular therapies for progress in each detection and treatments of HNC.
  5. Academics and Research To encourage academic programs focused on HNC within ENT and General Surgery Department in medical colleges and DNB programs by providing resource persons and material. To fund, guide or mentor project for Post Graduates / Fellows / Mch.
  6. CME & Training Programs To conduct annual meeting of AHNO of Karnataka focused on bringing together experts and exchange of knowledge.
  7. Patient support groups Guiding and conducting patient awareness programs through Patient support groups across hospitals to assist and empower patient survivorship programs.
  8. Palliative Care Creating guidelines and algorithms for Palliative and home care for patient in advance stages and terminally ill. Provide assistance through support groups to help patients cope with terminal illness.
  9. Holistic and Complimentary Approaches To bring in Holistic and Complimentary therapy Practitioners to assist in integrated approach for patient healing.
  10. Government Liaison Assisting Government to help frame guidelines for treatment and prevention of HN cancers. Implementation of cancer notification & other cancer related programs if any.


Academia for HNO will create a group of committed experts to drive the academia activities and to expand the scope of education and exchange of information in the key focus areas of HN oncology as defined above.


To work towards improvement of care, treatment and prevention of head neck cancers