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We are delighted to invite ENT surgeons and Oncologists interested in the surgical management of early vocal cord cancers. This course is aimed at Otolaryngologists and Head Neck Surgeons who want to learn the art of using laser to treat early vocal cord lesions. We will be having with us Prof. Carsten Palme, Director, Head and Neck Surgery, Chris O’Brein Lifehouse hospital, Sydney as our operating faculty. We also have with us renowned national faculties across India to share their insights, tips and lectures on the transoral laser surgery in early glottic lesions.

The topics that will be discussed in the conference are clinically relevant for routine practice and assist in starting a laser program on return. To better understand about the laser and to successfully be able to perform the procedure, we have hands on workshop on 3D printed larynx, simulating real time conditions. There will be surgical video sessions demonstrating how to perform routine surgeries and overcome difficult situations successfully by the experts.

Why Attend ?

  • Live Surgery by Prof. Carsten Palme
  • Hands on Workshop
    • Flexible nasal endoscopy, NBI, Stroboscope
    • Hands on Supervised laser training in 3D Animal models
    • 3D printed models
  • Video Presentations
  • Posters
  • Awards &  Recognition

Who Should Attend

  • ENT Surgeons
  • Oncologists

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  • Online Registration – Open Now
  • Abstract submission – Open Now

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course highlights

Hands on Flexible laryngoscopy
Hands on NBI
Hands On Stroboscope
Hands On in 3D printed larynx models

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